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A Huge Variety Of Services

Below you will find full instructions on how to use our services. You can either do it yourself or we can manage it for you. Why don’t you contact us for more information?

Making Waves With Our Walls

Parts & Assembly

1: Planter

Each planter houses 3 plants (each houses 11-13cm plant pots). 

2: Water Filter

A specially designed water filter that prevents leaves and solid impurities blocking water flow.

Full Service

Our full service includes all the items listed above: consultation and design, installation and construction and maintenance. We take care of everything.

Lease Options

Our lease options negate all installation costs to free up capital expenditure. We take a monthly fee to provide our full-service package, leaving you to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Maintenance Only

During every maintenance visit, each plant is checked to ensure its correctly watered and cleaned for maximum effect. We remove unsightly foliage and replace plants that have deteriorated. 

Installation & Construction Only

Our installation team has decades of installation and construction experience. They have successfully installed them in all kinds of settings such as residential buildings, offices, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, racecourses, theme parks hospitals and much more. All our work is fully insured and risk assessed at every stage.

Our Services

We offer five types of service internationally: Design and consultation; installation; maintenance; full-service and leasing packages to suit. Our lease options negate installation costs to free up your capital expenditure. We take care of everything, leaving you to enjoy peace and tranquility. 

Consultation & Design

Managing Director, Rick McKeever and his team have built a solid reputation for creating multi-award-winning living wall designs. No project is too big or too small. Whatever your project size, our talented living wall designers will have a perfect solution for you. 

Rick McKeever from Wonderwall

Step-By-Step Instructions For DIY External Installations

  1. Choose your space
  2. Line area with a waterproof membrane (recommended for buildings)
  3. Starting at the bottom, screw the first row of battens to the wall
  4. Check battens are secure and level
  5. Screw next set of battens 38cm above the row below
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 till the area is covered
  7. Assemble the planters as directed above (insert filters)
  8. Stack planters ensuring they interlock with each other
  9. Screw planter to batten every third layer
  10. Add water via the entrance pipe or install a water pump
  11. Time to get creative: Using 11-13cm plant pots only
  12. Ensure all pots are touching the reservoir base
  13. Enjoy your living wall
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At Wonderwall we are proud of our ability to deliver unique gardening products. The combination of growing and landscape make our product timeless . We are dedicated in bringing joy to gardening and urban spaces. Thanks for looking at the wonderwall website.