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Established in 2016 by Rick Mckeever, Wonderwall produces decorative garden products unlike any other. The unique aesthetic that runs throughout the company’s product line is demonstrative of the creative and outside-the-box thinking that the Wonderwall team applies to the design and development of its creations. This individuality has also led to the company gaining notable popularity, and maintaining steady business growth and glistening reputation.The Wonderwall team consists of passionate and innovative gardeners, that together bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of gardens, and subsequently has been responsible for some of the UK’s most jaw-dropping features and of course, its living wall designs.

The planters can be incorporated into both outside and inside projects and offer an opportunity to produce diverse, bespoke garden designs. The living walls are ideal for a number of scenarios wherein garden lovers might otherwise not be able to pursue their passion; examples include balconies, interiors, window boxes and fences. The vertical planter can add interest, intrigue and beauty to otherwise mundane features, sprucing up surfaces and spaces in a manner seldom achieved by other decorative ideas.

One notable aspect of the planter’s design is its ability to self-water, which greatly reduces the amount of time customers have to invest in the maintenance and upkeep of the planter. Not only does the self-watering function eradicate the dedication needed to sustain the health of the wall, but it aids in maintaining the aesthetic quality of the planter too.

Living walls have become reputed for their economic and ecologic benefits, a facet most significant in 2019. As well as being visibly pleasing, the living wall has been associated with a number of health benefits including, purifying air, reducing ambient temperature, and some studies have even suggested that an individual’s happiness and wellbeing is improved by spending time in a greener environment.

The planters are also capable of maintaining a diverse selection of gardening produce spanning from fruits and vegetables, to bedding grasses and perennials, to herbs, bulbs and alpines. The ability to produce such things is another factor that renders the benefits of the living wall effectively immeasurable.

The level of commitment Wonderwall show towards its customers is outstanding, and sets the company apart from its adversaries. Wonderwall offers competitive prices, and stands by its customers throughout the entirety of the process. The company is happy to make on-site visits and offer consultancy services to ensure the installation and maintenance of the living wall are of the standard that they should be.

In the foreseeable future, Wonderwall aims to focus on expanding its already growing brand presence, and continue innovating, developing and providing its living walls, alongside enlightening customers on the multitude of benefits its products can offer the environment and the public.

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At Wonderwall we are proud of our ability to deliver unique gardening products. The combination of growing and landscape make our product timeless. We are dedicated in bringing joy to gardening and urban spaces. Thanks for visiting our Wonderwall website.