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Hello and welcome to Wonderwall. An easy to install, low maintenance self-watering living wall that offers an abundance of economic, ecological and social benefits. Did you know that most of your vertical surfaces are a potential canvas for creating living breathing functional art? Whether you install inside or out, your home or business, a living wall offers way more benefits than just looking beautiful, they could offset your carbon footprint (see below).

We offer five types of service internationally: DIY kits; installation; maintenance; full-service and leasing packages to suit. Our lease options negate installation costs to free up your capital expenditure. We take care of everything, leaving you to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Love Your Garden

We featured on one Britain’s best loved gardening TV programmes; Love Your Garden hosted by Alan Titchmarsh tonight (3rd March 2020). We have been part of the show in the past so when the show’s producer got back in touch to feature a Wonderwall living wall, we jumped at the chance.

Kath’s amazing work with our solider community has received some fantastic recognition. She’s appeared on Surprise, Surprise, Australian TV and received a Points of Light award. But for Kath it’s all about raising awareness for those who are prepared to put themselves in harm’s way for us.

It was her dream to have a log cabin fully equipped and totally accessible, where I can teach small groups to bake, and we can enjoy the cakes of our labours. We hope her new garden is the next best thing.

Cakes 4 Casualties relies on public donations.

Find out more at:

Wonderwall & Alan Titchmarsh

WWF Questionnaire

Curious to find out what your carbon footprint is? It could be more than you think!

Try this questionnaire hosted by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

We did and it was an eye-opener

Suitable For…

Perfect For Strawberries
  • ✓ Bedding
  • ✓ House Plants
  • ✓ Fruit & Veg
  • ✓ Alpines
  • ✓ Perennials
  • ✓ Succulents
  • ✓ Shrubs
  • ✓ Ferns
  • ✓ Bulbs
  • ✓ Grasses

The Benefits Of Living Walls Are Immense.
Here Are Just A Few Of Them:

Experiencing increased fuel bills or staff sickness absences? Has production slowed or morale low?
Are you experiencing or living with asthma, COPD, dementia symptoms?

A Wonderwall Teamed With The Right Plants Could Be Your Solution!


  1. Better mental health and wellbeing

  2. Powerful “healing environment”

  3. Reduces stress and anxiety

  4. Relieves asthma and allergy symptoms

  5. Improves memory and concentration

  6. Aids sound sleep and rest


  1. Increases property value and appeal

  2. Cools in summer and warms in winter

  3. Creates a natural ambient sound barrier

  4. Acts as a rainwater buffer

  5. Attracts natural biodiversity

  6. Extends fascia lifespan


  1. Offsets against your carbon footprint

  2. Filters VOC toxins and dust particles

  3. Improves productivity

  4. Reduces staff absenteeism

  5. Creates awareness with eco messages

  6. Relieves sick building syndrome:


    Sick building syndrome symptoms

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At Wonderwall we are proud of our ability to deliver unique gardening products. The combination of growing and landscape make our product timeless. We are dedicated in bringing joy to gardening and urban spaces. Thanks for visiting our Wonderwall website.