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Make your garden or living space the best room in your home with the Wonderwall vertical planter.

We are a group of experienced garden designers that have been involved with many show gardens and garden designs and this product will definitely change the look of any area your looking to fill from a garden wall to a full side of a building, the uses are endless.

Wonderwall planters are a high tech vertical pot that enables you to create amazing display's for any type of indoor and outdoor use.

The planters are so easy to use and will stand the test of time due it's whether proof material.

It's unique self-watering function enables you to build large displays with little maintenance, the only thing you need to worry about is when you want to change the look or design of the flower arrangement.

Building a green wall has never been so simple.
You can even create edible walls as we have done on a side of a garden shed or a balcony.
Especially good for urban environments and built up areas with no greenery.

We hope that you will change your living space with our wonderwall vertical planter.

Check out your nearest garden centre or for trade enquiries please use the contact us page and someone will call you back.

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At Wonderwall we are proud of our ability to deliver unique gardening products. The combination of growing and landscape make our product timeless . We are dedicated in bringing joy to gardening and urban spaces. Thanks for looking at the wonderwall website.